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“I.O.C. Development Initiative”

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Win the War for Talent

People quit bosses. The research proves the old saying: People leave managers, not companies. 57 percent of employees have left a job because of their manager. Furthermore, 14 percent have left multiple jobs because of their managers. An additional 32 percent have seriously considered leaving because of their manager. Source: DDI

Gallup data show that 67% of U.S. employees are disengaged at work, 51% say they're actively looking for a new job or are open to one

A Gallup poll of more 1 million employed U.S. workers concluded that the No. 1 reason people quit their jobs is a bad boss or immediate supervisor. 75% of workers who voluntarily left their jobs did so because of their bosses and not the position itself.

Be proactive.

Apply the I.O.C. Development Initiative with those in leadership roles to win the war for talent.

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People Rarely Apply Classroom/Seminar Topics
(which are ‘pre-determined’; like time mgmt., teamwork, personalities, etc.)
Once Back to the Workplace

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But with the “I.O.C. Development Initiative”—development topics are based on how they have been working to date, in their workplace, according to those they work with—

as identified by Dr. Debbie Quinn Ph.D., M.S., B.B.A.
This brings out what’s missing.  Identifies what would be most key to growth
(& you may not even be aware).


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Some examples:

  • How a person comes across to others.
  • Not giving enough recognition, responsiveness, or collaboration.
  • Too aggressive? . . . Not assertive enough?
  • Level of interpersonal connections (internally & externally).

Untapped Skills & Accomplishments

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Some examples:

  • Bringing people’s dormant ideas to life.
  • Comfortably and regularly giving constructive feedback to get things done.
  • Those in leadership roles motivating their people beyond only using money—elevating retention & engagement.


Individual & Organizational Consulting (I.O.C.)

Dr. Debbie Quinn, Ph.D., M.S., B.B.A.

Owner/Principal Consultant

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Transform from Good-to-Great

How it Works

The I.O.C. development initiative drives better workplace results (all sectors, all sizes). It identifies those specific areas that would propel the work effectiveness of average or higher-performing employees and leaders. Development is based on perceptions of strengths & potential areas of development identified by Dr. Debbie Quinn, Ph.D., M.S., B.B.A. This is achieved through 30-minute conversations with designated people the participant works with (observers). All meetings (with participant, observer, & manager) are 1-on-1. The handful of goals are then agreed upon by participant, manager, and Dr. Quinn. Development is based on how they have been working to-date, in their workplace, according to who they work with. This leaves the participant highly motivated to dive in and act. To accommodate all candidates, clients often ‘rotate-in’ participants throughout the years.


Unlike others, I.O.C. provides written reports of 1) Initial feedback, 2) Midstream and 3) Final written progress report of all the tangible workplace accomplishments/ROI (according to those in the workplace) for each of the established goals.

Less Time Invested, for More Significant Results

Typically, participant meets an average of 2 hours/month over 10 months. S/he practices and applies between skill-building meetings. 10 months, since it takes time for behaviors & ways of looking at things to change and become engrained.

My Background—one of the reasons behind Your Outstanding Wins

This blends business with psychology. I started out with a Bachelor in Business Admin. and over a decade in business (from F500 mgmt. to industrial entrepreneurship). Always wanting to create I.O.C., I went on to earn my Masters & Doctorate in psychology. This gives you a consultant that can 1) relate to various business scenarios & take a very practical approach. 2) The psychology aspect gives me better ability to handle obstacles and galvanize growth.

Professional Affiliations; Member of:

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  • American Psychological Society (APA)
  • Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SIOP)
  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

How Clients Have Benefited

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Just A Few Examples of Actual Client Results

Some returns are directly quantifiable

  • Streamlined procedures by creating a ‘process change notice system’; eliminated re-do’s saved an annual six figures.
  • Delegated more, freeing up 2 hours/day (confirmed by their manager).
  • Eliminated executive’s excessive tangents/rambling in weekly finance meeting. Ten people attending, shaved 30 minutes off meeting each week.
  • Opened the door for one person to bring 14 new processes & products to life. Became part of their 5-year plan, yielding millions in revenues. Because those ideas had been sitting idle in that participant’s desk drawer for years, this would not have happened without the initiative.

Other returns are not as directly quantifiable, while priceless in value

  • As we know, people often hesitate to give others feedback and then do nothing. Sharpening skills in giving constructive feedback resulted in 16 specific, tangible workplace applications to a participant’s peers, reports, & manager, improving workflow. Now imagine—that person is equipped to do this for many years to come.
  • Shifted mindset from waiting for direction from the boss--to leading through influence. Resulted in participant developing a ‘Center of Influence Program’ and a ‘Department Support Program’.
  • A leader who was polishing his leadership skills developed a ‘business continuity plan’ to be able to survive & thrive if a disruption occurred. Very timely—this was done just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’re like other clients I’ve worked with over the past 20 years, you will feel transformed; more accomplished and capable with improved interpersonal connections.

~ Offering Exceptional References upon Request ~